This is a practice what you preach blog entry.

An accountability blog entry.

A go drink some water blog entry.

An “I am a disciple of the Nap Ministry who ya’ll might want to follow” blog entry.

Things I know about myself: my energy is variable.  I will get excited about something then get bored with it.  I will tell myself I shouldn’t start something if I don’t want to keep doing it, because stopping is failing.  I will get bored with something and then get excited about it again.  I will get incredibly specific imposter syndrome about whether the shade of pink I used is the RIGHT shade of pink.  I won’t create because I’m afraid what I create isn’t “on brand” as if that were a real thing and not a nightmarish social construct.

So I am giving myself permission to show up organically, to follow the dopamine.  I am giving myself permission to opt out of the grind culture that says that my thoughts are insufficient, that I need to be packaged neatly.  I am giving myself permission to rest.

The hustle, the productivity, the attempts to find our worth in busyness; they are so insidious and alluring.  I invite you to pull at those threads.  What can you take off your to do list for today? For tomorrow? For until the next time it sounds like fun?  Drink some water, go lay down.